The Dilemma of Champions – Cutting Ties With Star Players

If you are still in your fantasy football playoffs the end is getting near – you can taste the glory of the championship, with a little luck and proper pre-game preparations its your for the taking! This week’s strategy article will explore cutting ties with star players. While they may have been the backbone of your team throughout the year, sometimes it makes to cut ties for the final 2 games.

Anyone that has studied Game Theory knows that if the game is ending, there is no need to play by traditional rules. The same concept can be applied to the fantasy football playoffs. If your season is over after the next game, why hold onto a good a player? The proper move is to cut him in favor of a player with the most optimal match-up.

Match-ups are everything in fantasy football, especially at this point in the year when little known players tend to step in and make the most of their opportunities. The biggest issues ufabetบนมือถือto contend with late in the season are weather effects, injuries, and the quality of the defensive match-up. Do not make the common mistake of blindly throwing your players into a challenging situation.

It is well documented that weather can be a killer at this time of the year. Do not be fooled into thinking a snow game will be low scoring. In the absence of wind they are actually gold mines for points. Wind is the killer to any offense and at this time of the year. The bottom line is this, do not be afraid to bench or even cut a good receiver or quarterback on your team who is faced with a bad weather game. You will likely be able to find a better replacement option on the waiver wire based solely on the match-up.

Injuries are another killer to fantasy productivity. If your player is hurt get rid of him now. You need someone who can give 100% effort on Sunday. With 2 games left to go there is no time to wait for a player to heal. Also, be aware of injuries to the offensive line which can have an impact a player’s upside potential. Unfortunately, sickness is something else to consider at this time of the year. This week the entire St Louis team is stricken with H1N1 swine flu. I don’t care how many points Steve Jackson has racked up this seas

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