Metallic aluminum powder coating

It has variety of kinds and the application fields expand. In the decorative,Guest Posting in addition to ordinary type different gloss, smooth surface of the powder coating species, the orange lines, wrinkles, sand grain, pattern, hammer, metal large aluminum tubes powder, powder coating also increased the amount of variety and gradually penetrates into the solvent-based coatings applications in various fields. In these species, the metal aluminum powder coating is the main decoration of a large variety of powder coatings, including metal flashing, metal plating, metal patterns, hammer and metal gloss texture powder coating.

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This is characterized by powder coating contains metallic aluminum powder, aluminum powder by changing the specifications, coating formulations and manufacturing processes, can have the coating powder coating with different properties and appearance .Metallic powder coating: the powder coating is composed of end powder and aluminum powder. The main component of the end powder coating with ordinary powder, like the resins, curing agents, leveling agents, degassing agents, transparent pigments, aluminum powder, aluminum powder special additives, matting agents or curing agent composition of extinction, usually do not have a hiding pigment. In some cases, the color and improve coating hardness and other properties, appropriate to add transparent pigments and fillers, but the packing powder coatings with less than ordinary. If you add a quantity, will affect the flash effect and aluminum powder coating smoothness.Aluminum powder is added in the end dry powder mixing method, the total amount of base powder, 1% to 5%. Glittering appearance of the coating according to the requirements of size and brightness, choice of different particle size and the amount of aluminum powder. Generally used in the 15 ~ 55¼m particle size of non-leafing aluminum, size large bright spot large selection of aluminum, select the size of a small bright spot hours aluminum; requirements of high brightness coating amount of aluminum powder to be more , the brightness is low due to lower coating amount of aluminum powder.Metal coating powder coating: powder coating formulations that ordinary powder coating composition and the