Common Beliefs About LCD TV’s That You Tend to Hold As True When in Fact They Are Not

LCD TV’s are quite new. Being new has its own advantages and disadvantages.¬†One will come across a lot of information regarding LCD TV’s that are not true. You will be also hearing a lot of things about LCD TV’s from different people. Each entitled to his or her own opinion of course. But be wary. Try to investigate. Now, I will discuss to you four common beliefs about LCD TV’s that are not true.

First and foremost some people actually believe that LCD TV’s are made up of Liquid. Well, they are not. The LCD in TV’s are not made of liquid. In fact the LCD’s on TV’s are made of crystals. Actually, the term liquid in refer to the class and quality of the crystal that LCD’s are made of. It does not refer to the state of the material. It is also noteworthy to know that this type of material-the crystals-reacts in ways quite predictable when electric currents actually passes through them. It is this type of reaction, this TCL Mini LED TV characteristic, which produces clear pictures. So, when one watches TV on the screen of their LCD TV clear pictures are formed.

Second, people believe that LCD TV’s will outlive them-hence, the belief that the LCD TVs will be with them forever. Now, we all know that this is not true. Nothing lasts forever. With LCD TV’s several things needs to be considered, such as average display hours, etc. Typically though, LCD TV’s lasts from 60,000 to 80,000 display hours. So, if we calculate based on the figures mentioned, watching TV all day can make your LCD TVs last for at least seven years. But it can last for more than twenty years if your average usage per day would just be around eight hours.

Third, there is this belief that the display screen on LCD TVs will eventually deteriorate, by suffering a burn-in, just like your regular tube TV. Well it won’t. Actually LCD screens works quite differently from your regular tube TV. It works in such a way that it does a mechanism called “blocking a light” which eliminates all the possibilities of burn on your screen. When the time comes that your TV will have reached a certain “maturity age” you can expect the screen to have the same quality of display when you first purchased it. With no burn-in-effects guaranteed.

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